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Archwood 55 Plus Inc. Privacy Policy

Last updated: Feb 18, 2022

The purpose of this Statement of Policy and Procedure is to inform users of our website the following:

·       The personal information we collect

·       Use of Collected data

·       Who has access to the collected data

·       The rights of website users


Archwood 55 Plus is a non-profit seniors organization focused on improving the lives of its members. Our website’s purpose is to enhance communication with our members and allow members to engage virtually whether be registration for exercise programs, events and networking activities. The site allows an open membership blog/virtual forum to exchange ideas and stay informed.  We will collect some personal information from our members to allow us to run our programs. We understand that personal information must be keep private and disclosure of that information should be on an opt in basis where the member allows the website to share information with other members. Personal information will not be disclosed with third parties. The information is made available to our administrators on an as needed basis. The goal of this policy is to inform membership of how we will keep their information private.

Types of personal information collected, when is it collected and how it will be used

The website will collect the following personal information:


Information required to maintain contact with club members, collected upon joining club or renewing membership.

Last name, First name, Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Renewal Month, Paid, Email, Member Since MMM-YY, Birth Month, Birth Year, Membership Level, Avatar, #, Area Code, Telephone, Expiry Yr., Consent Photo, Sex F/M, Volunteer, Emergency Contact, financial info required to pay for membership.


Information required to identify members taking part in events and programing prior to the event or programs.

Last name, First name, financial info required to pay for events,


Information required for identifying donors and issuing receipts, prior to making donations.

Last name, First name, financial info required to pay for donations


Website users will have the following rights:

  • ·       Right to be informed
  • ·       Right to access
  • ·       Right to rectification
  • ·       Right to Erasure
  • ·       Right to restrict proceeding
  • ·       Right to data portability
  • ·       Right to object


If members provide personal information for their guests or bundled memberships as part of registration for events and or membership the information will be treated in the same manner as the member’s personal information.


 If Archwood 55 Plus shares any personal data with third-party applications, third parties will have to confirm that they are prepared to respond to data requests from our members.


Archwood 55 Plus will never sell member’s personal information.


Users can opt out of consenting to use your personal information at anytime.


If you have questions, comments or complaints about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices or if you would like to exercise your rights and choices, please email us at Archwood55@shaw.ca attention privacy officer or write to us at the addresses below:

Contact Information

Archwood 55 Plus Inc     

565 Guilbault Street, Winnipeg, MB

R2J 0R2 or call 204-416-1067

Archwood 55 Plus Inc is a non-profit organization serving seniors 55 plus located at  565 Guilbault Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2J 0R2

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